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The Italian Front - The War Between Italy and the AustroHungarian Empire

Italy in World War 1

On April 26 1915 Italy entered into the London Pact between the Kingdom of Italy, United Kingdom, France and Russia.

According to the terms of the London Pact, Italy was to leave the triple Alliance and declare war against Germany and Austro-Hunagary in exchange for territorial gains. Italy was promised Trieste, Trento, Gorizia, Istria, and the City of Zara

The lands promised to Italy constituted the bulk of what was known Italia irredenta, namely Unredeamed Italy. It was a political slogan used by Italian militarists to refer to regions outside of Italy which were primarily ethnically Italian but had not been incorporated with Italy after the Unification. Many Italians regarded it as their national destiny to reclaim these territories from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

King of Italy and the Prince of Wales

The King of Italy and the Prince of Wales.ToList When the Prince was on the Italian front, he asked permission to visit a trench which was being heavily shelled. The King bluntly refused. "I want no historic incidents here," he remarked dryly.

The sentiment of the Italian people was expressed by an editorial in the Idea Nazionale, which on May 10 declared:
Italy desires war: (1) In order to obtain Trent, Trieste, and Dalmatia. The country desires it. A nation which has the opportunity to free its land should do so as a matter of imperative necessity.... (2) ... in order to conquer for ourselves a good strategic frontier in the North and East.... (3) ... because to-day, in the Adriatic, in the Balkan Peninsula, the Mediterranean, and Asia, Italy should have all the advantages it is possible for her to have, and without which her political, economic, and moral power would diminish in proportion as that of others increased.... If we would be a great Power we must accept certain obligations: one of them is war....

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