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War at Sea

This section deals with the war at sea fought primarily between Britain and later the United States against the Imperial German Navy. Lesser, but nevertheless important naval conflicts also took place in the Black Sea between the Ottoman Navy and the Russian Navy, as well as in the Baltic. Special emphasis is paid to the battle of the U-boats, the surface raiders, and the Battle of Jutland.

The naval war against Germany consisted of three main components: the fight against the U-boats and the efforts to keep the convoys safe, the effort to bottle up and contain the main German navy, and the hunt for the German surface raiders and battleships operating independently of the main fleet. The latter involved running battles with small but agile German surface forces throughout large sections of the oceans, from South America to the Pacific.

German Battle Cruiser
German Battle Cruiser, Moltke

A video showing the naval battle that resulted in the sinking of the German cruiser Blücher on 24 January 1915. 792 of her crew went down with her. 260 were rescued by Beatty's ships.

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