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World War 1 Battles in China (Tsingtao) and the Pacific Islands

The Battle of Tsingtao

In this photograph, German troops are seen marching towards the front lines during the Battle of Tsingtao.

German troops marching to battle during the battle of Tsingtao

As the result of the battle the Japanese suffered 1,455 casualties while the Germans suffered 200.

Photograph of the Japanese commander at the Battle of Tsingtao A photograph showing a wrecked German gun emplacement at the Bismarck Fortress during the Battle of Tsingtao

Japanese artillery firing on Tsingtao
Japanese artillery bombarding the Germans at Tsingtao
Smoke from Tsingato
Smoke rises from the german city of Tsingtao, during the Japanese attack.

During the Battle, British warships were integrated with the Japanese naval forces. The Japanese naval squadron consisted primarily of obsolete ships, however it also had the seaplane carrier Wakamiya, whose aircraft became the first of its kind in the world to successfully attack land and sea targets during the battle.

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