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World War 1 Battles in China (Tsingtao) and the Pacific Islands

The Battle of Tsingtao

After a subsequent minor British naval attack on the German colony in 1914, Japan began landing troops on the Chinese mainland. Against the 50,000 Japanese troops, the Germans could muster 3000 regular soldiers and sailors, plus about 1,000 Austrian and Chinese troops.

In the picture below Japanese troops, nicknamed “Blue Jackets” because of their uniforms, are seen staging an amphibious assault using rowboats.

Japanese troops stage an amphibious landing during the Battle of Tsingtao

The Germans had built defenses around the strategic city of Tsingtao, and though vastly outnumbered, gave the attackers a difficult time.
The following is a timeline of the battle of Tsingtao:
  • Oct. 30—Japanese attack Germans at Tsing-tau; Indian troops aid Japanese.

  • Nov. 1—Desperate fighting at Tsing-tau; city is in flames.

  • Nov. 4—Japanese capture German guns and 800 prisoners at Tsing-tau.

  • Nov. 6—Germans surrender Tsing-tau fortress.

  • Nov. 7—Formal capitulation of Tsing-tau; Japanese will administer city.

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