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World War One Words Starting With the Letter B

Back of the line
Anywhere to the rear and out of the danger zone.

Barbed wire
Ordinary barbed wire used for entanglements. A thicker and heavier military wire is sometimes used.

Shells dropped simultaneously and in a row so as to form a curtain of fire. Literal translation "a barrier."

- Smashed.

Big boys
- Big guns or the shells they send over.

Big push
- The battles of the Somme.

The quarters of the soldier when back of the line. Any place from a pigpen to a palace.

Bleeder or Blighter
Cockney slang for fellow. Roughly corresponding to American "guy."

England. East Indian derivation. The paradise looked forward to by all good soldiers,--and all bad ones too.

Blighty one
- A wound that will take the soldier to Blighty.

The universal Cockney adjective. It is vaguely supposed to be highly obscene, though just why nobody seems to know.

A meaningless and greatly used adjective. Applied to anything and everything.

- A hand grenade.

Bully beef
Corned beef, high grade and good of the kind, if you like the kind. It sets hard on the chest.

Soldier assigned to an officer as a servant.

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