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World War One Words Starting With the Letter S

- A bag which is filled with mud and used for building the parapet.

- Among WW1 soldiers, to take without asking, to steal, as in "Let's salvage that case of wine." Salvage was the First World War's equivalent of WW2's "liberate".

Sentry go
- Time on guard in the front trench, or at rest at headquarters.

Shell hole
- A pit made by the explosion of a shell.

Shell Shock
- a condition of severe psychological trauma suffered by some soldiers who experienced fighting. Soldiers suffering shell shock were completely disabled and often unresponsive and catatonic.

- What the French sometimes called the Yanks because of their habit of saying "son of a bitch" in almost every sentence.

- Any kind of junk picked up for keepsakes. Also used as a begging word by the French children.

Stand to
- Order for all men to stand ready in the trench in event of a surprise attack, usually at sundown and sunrise.

Stand down
- Countermanding "stand to."

- A bomb weighing about eleven pounds usually thrown from a mortar, but sometimes used by hand.

- One of the few words Tommy has borrowed from Fritz. To punish.

Suicide club
- The battalion bombers.

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