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World War One Words Starting With the Letter D

Devil Dogs
- nickname given to the American soldiers by the Germans who fought them at Beaulieu Wood.

- Australian soldiers name for themselves; derives from Australian slang for gold pospectors. Here referenced the fact that the Australians had to dig in to survive shelling at Gallipoli.

- An oblong iron pot or box fitting into a field kitchen. Used for cooking anything and everything. Nobody seems to know why it is so called.

- Still. Quiet. East Indian derivation.

Doing in
- Killing.

- Sleep.

- soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force in France.

Duck walk
- A slatted wooden walk in soft ground.

- An unexploded shell. A dangerous thing to fool with.

Dug out
- A hole more or less deep in the side of a trench where soldiers are supposed to rest.

- A place where supplies are left for distribution.

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