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WW1 Propaganda Cartoons

German War Propaganda
The Caption Reads: Novel Coastwise Scenery: Since it was given out that the German barbarians were refusing to fire on cathedrals, England has worked out a jolly little plan for coast defense. (From Jugend, Munich.)

The point of this cartoon is that the British are cowards. According to the Germans, they were camouflaging military installations and even ships and dirigibles as churches so that the Germans would not fire on them.

German Political Cartoon
"Goddam! What kind of fleas have I got in my mane anyway!"

This cartoon from the periodical Simplicissimus, Munich portrays the British Lion (traditional symbol of Britain) as infested with Japanese fleas. The message it conveys is that the British are being influenced towards war by the Japanese diplomatic maneuvers.

German Propaganda Cartoon
The German Watch in Kiao-Chau

Another cartoon from the German periodical Simplicissimus showing a lone German knight standing firm against monster-headed waves. The image portrays the resolve of the Germans to defend their stronghold in China. It was published before the fall of Tsingtao.

War Propaganda From Various Countries: